Hi I’m Robbie. I love nature and think kids are the best voice to stand up for parks. I am going across the country to visit national parks and speak up to protect them. Sign up below for updates along the road about how you can help too!



When the Trump administration issued an executive order threatening to harm 27 of our national monuments, I knew I couldn’t just tour our national parks. I needed to speak up.

We must build an army of fourth graders and their families to stand up and speak for the parks. Our government needs to hear, from the youngest amongst us, that our national parks and monuments are not for sale.

Join our army. Tell President Trump and his administration — HANDS OFF OUR PARKS AND MONUMENTS.

Sign our petition, let’s save all 27 of these monuments, so they are still available for my kids to all future generations.

Sign the petition and join our effort today.

A message from Robbie